Marion Cotillard Rumored For Catwoman Or Talia Al Ghul In Batman 3

Outside of Christopher Nolan, Jonah Nolan and David Goyer, nobody has any idea what is in store for Batman 3. There has been rampant speculation about castings and villains, but it's almost all guaranteed to be false. Most recently, the trend has been to suggest that the stars of Inception will be heading into the Batman universe, starting with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Riddler. The newest rumor fits right in there.

Batman Movie News (via Comic Book Movie, who has since taken the story down) suggests that Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, who played Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in this past summer's blockbuster, has been offered a role in the upcoming sequel. According to the report she will either play Catwoman or Talia al Ghul (while we're throwing things out there, why not Poison Ivy?). The story comes from a former Warner Bros. intern who said,

“They went on to tell me that Cotillard has had to turn down the offer as of now as she’s unsure whether the planned shooting start date of the next Batman movie will clash with other projects she’s either interested in or already committed to, despite the fact that she’s reportedly keen to re-team team with Christopher Nolan.”

This story is, of course, a rumor, and likely a false one at that. Starting with the fact that Comic Book Movie took down the story, nobody has any clue as to what new characters will be and it's possible that the script isn't even finished yet. The only reason this rumor exists is because Christopher Nolan directed Inception and Marion Cotillard starred in Inception. That is all.

Eric Eisenberg
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