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Mark Wahlberg has been a busy guy for a long, long time, not only because it seems like every movie under the sun has had him in it for the past five years, but he’s also a major player at HBO, producing many of their hit shows and appearing in Entourage on occasion. The long-time star has a list of prospective starring vehicles a mile long, and according to Variety, he’s just added another.

Details are slim at the time, but Universal has picked up a script called Bait and Switch that will give yet another starring role to the former Funky Buncher. Matthew J. O’Neill wrote the script on spec, making this his first sale. Scott Stuber will be producing the piece, joining forces with Wahlberg yet again after their team up for Ted, the Seth MacFarlane project Wahlberg was so amped about a few months back and which will probably shoot this summer.

Wahlberg’s slate for 2011 looks light, but he’s already filming two film’s for 2012, Ted and Contraband, he's still talking up his plans for a Fighter sequel, and you’ll undoubtedly never see the end of him once Uncharted hits in 2013. So rest up while you can and prepare to endure the next couple years of Marky Markdom.