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The Transformers franchise is undergoing a pretty big revamp at the moment. Paramount Studios have brought on-board over a dozen writers to map out where they want the series to go, and each of them are set to pitch and scribe their own instalments. This means that there could be plenty of new Transformers movies on the horizon. But where will Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager fit into all this?

During a recent chat with Mark Wahlberg, I asked him just that, and he teased that while nothing’s planned yet, once he and Michael Bay are finished with their latest movies they will probably sit down to discuss his potential involvement. The Transformers: Age of Extinction star dillydallied before responding:

We’ll see, we’ll see down the road.

But rather than immediately trying to move on from my inquiry, Mark Wahlberg then provided a reasonable explanation for why he’s so unsure about his future with the Transformers franchise. And it turns out that both he and Michael Bay are currently too busy to have co-ordinated their diaries about possibly re-teaming for the blockbuster, especially in the wake of the reshuffle that the series is currently undergoing. Mark Wahlberg explained:

I haven’t spoke to Bay. I mean, I’m shooting Deepwater Horizon. He’s not. He’s shooting his Benghazi movie, so I haven’t spoken to him.

I then asked Mark Wahlberg whether he would try and sit down with Michael Bay, who has previously directed the Bostonian thespian in both Pain & Gain and Transformers: Age Of Extinction, after their work on their current productions was complete. To which he responded:

Yeah, we’ll get together when we’re done.

Later in the interview, Mark Wahlberg admitted that he thoroughly enjoyed working on Age Of Extinction, stating that even though those kind of big-budgeted extravaganzas "aren’t easy to make," he "loved working with Bay," and he even labelled it a "learning experience."

There’s every chance that Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay’s schedules will actually perfectly collide so that they’ll be able to reunite for Transformers 5, since filming on Wahlberg’s Deepwater Horizon and Bay’s 13 Hours both began on April 27. Out of this duo, only Deepwater Horizon currently has a release date scheduled (September 30, 2016), while it’s probably safe to assume that Bay will be angling for a summer spot for 13 Hours, as every other film that he’s made has been released in this season.

After collaborating with the actor on both Pain & Gain and Age Of Extinction, it’s clear that Bay enjoys working with Wahlberg. Paramount Pictures is so eager for Bay to oversee Transformers 5 that they’re patiently waiting for him to complete 13 Hours before they start production on the blockbuster, so they’re probably going to be willing to abide by any of the director’s requests. And there’s every chance that Mark Wahlberg will be top of that list.

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