Mark Wahlberg Proves Funny In These Clips From The Other Guys

We know Will Ferrell, when given the right material, is pretty hilarious. But Mark Wahlberg in a comedy? Outside of The Happening it’s something he’s never done. Will he be able to keep up with Ferrell and director Adam Mckay’s fast and loose improve style? These five clips from The Other Guys seem to say he will.

Not only does Wahlberg keep up with Ferrell he contributes some of the funniest moments in the clips below. He’s playing the straight man, sure, but if you’ve ever watched an Abbott and Costello routine you know that a really good straight man is just as capable of getting laughs as the obligatory buffoon. From his incredulity at the hotness of Will Ferrell’s life to his sudden response to a discussion of lions fighting tunas, Mark Wahlberg kills. He even gets in on the improve. I’d bet anything the “can be used as a flotation device” line he throws out in clip three is something he threw out off the top off his head.

Check out all five new clips from The Other Guys and let us know if you laughed as much as I did.

The Other Guys hits theaters August 6th. For more information visit our Other Guys preview.

Josh Tyler