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Matt Reeves To Direct Adaptation Of Vampire Epic The Passage

Matt Reeves accomplished what many thought was an impossible task last year, directing a beautiful, well-received remake of the Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One In. Though the film ended up not performing well at the box office, Reeves' talent level has been recognized, and has since been mentioned in coordination with some major projects, from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (which recently signed Craig Gillespie) to the new Superman movie (which eventually went with Zack Snyder). Hell, just last week Reeves was hired to direct an adaptation based on the same book that inspired John Carpenter's They Live, but he's not done yet.

Deadline reports that Reeves has signed on to direct The Passage, a vampire tale based on the book by Justin Cronin. In the story, a group of cancer patients are miraculously cured when bit by South America bats. Believing that a cure for cancer has been discovered, scientists begin to experiment with the cure, but end up creating a " legion of nearly indestructible, telepathic vampire masters." Described as an epic, the tone is expected to be similar to 28 Days Later or Stephen King's The Stand. The script is currently being re-written by John Logan, who is also working on the next James Bond movie, meaning that they will be getting a new writer in as well.

While I admit that this actually sounds like a pretty cool project, have we not reached the point yet where we should stop making movies about vampires? With the exception of Twilight none of them have been the incredible hits that the studios expect. I'd love to see this movie made somewhere down the line, once the market saturation has ceased, but now is just the worst time. Hopefully he's contractually obligated to work on the They Live remake first.

Eric Eisenberg

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