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Currently putting out some of the best acting I’ve ever seen for HBO’s gripping crime mystery True Detective, Matthew McConaughey would be wise to start planning out his Emmy acceptance speech. But first he needs to make it through the Academy Awards in ten days, and while his humility keeps him from standing up on Jimmy Kimmel’s desk and claiming victory, Kimmel and many others are pretty sure he’s going to beat everyone else out for Best Actor for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, us included. And because he’s such a gracious late night host, Kimmel coached the actor on how to mold his Oscar acceptance speech so that it can be even better than the one he delivered at the Golden Globes.

It all starts with those magic words: "Alright, alright, alright."

Even if he wasn’t such an intelligent and humorous guy, McConaughey could still pull anything off after uttering those words that began his career back in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused. (Hell, he could probably make Wooderson-y comments about high school girls and still come out ahead.) Throw in a "Just keep living," and you’ve got viral video gold. If Leonardo DiCaprio manages to squeak past him to receive the award, McConaughey should just go up there anyway. Relive the smart and inspirational Golden Globes speech below.

The first role to earn him a nomination, AIDS victim Ron Woodroof required not only the mental dedication from McConaughey, but also a drastic physical change, which the actor talks about. Losing over forty pounds in a few months’ time obviously cause his body to experience weakness and hunger, but he says he was able to get by on three hours less sleep a night due to the high amount of energy flowing above the neck. And probably a little below the belt as well. Take a peek at him and Kimmel’s more lengthy discussion of the role and acceptance speech above, via THR plus a clip from True Detective.

And join us for our live Oscar coverage on Sunday, March 2, where you’ll be able to see our uncensored reactions to the Best Actor award as well as all the others. I mean, he could win the Oscar even if only the trailer below was submitted for their approval.

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