McG Hosts 19th Century Spring Break

Here’s sort of a shocker: McG has a Broadway musical. Of course it’s not about dancing cats or anything. This is still McG, so it’s a rock musical about the 19th century equivalent of spring break. Someone should probably tell McG that they didn’t have rock music in the 1800s.

The play is called Spring Awakening and HR says the still ziplock fresh Terminator Salvation director plans on turning it into a movie. The play, and so we assume will the movie, took place in 19th century Germany and told the story of teenagers discovering sex. Of course they can’t just have awkward, failed, sweaty love in the backseat of a car like everyone else, instead the thing tackles topics like masturbation, abortion, rape, and suicide. What happened to missionary? Seriously, I miss missionary.

So let’s recap. McG is directing and producing a big screen, singing dancing rock musical on masturbation set in the 19th century. It sounds even more insane when you say it altogether. Insane is good. I’m interested.

Josh Tyler