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Meatballs Remake Is A Sequel

The guys over at Moviehole have scored an interview with director John Whitesell, and MH owner Clint Morris deserves some sort of journalism medal for managing to avoid vomiting while regurgitating the man’s words.

See, John Whitesell is the anti-christ who brought you such films as Big Momma’s House 2, Deck the Halls, and Malibu’s Most Wanted. Not only did he foist these cinematic travesties on the world, he has the temerity to be inexplicably proud of them. He told MH that Malibu’s Most Wanted is his favorite of the films he’s done. Of course, the competition for that dubious distinction isn’t exactly fierce.

What’s most depressing about the interview though, isn’t that Whitesell is allowed to exist, it’s that he’s remaking Meatballs. Well sort of. Actually, we’d heard awhile back he was doing a remake, but Whitesell says he’s actually doing some sort of sequel. I guess that’s slightly better… or it would be if he weren’t the guy directing it. Luckily, it has stalled while the strike is on (and suddenly I’m considering joining a picket line). Once the strike is over though, the sequel is back on.

As for the plot, Whitesell reveals that in the sequel Bill Murray’s character now owns the camp. He says, “He’s not like he used to be – he’s changed; he doesn’t let kids do what they used to be able to do because he fears those things are ‘too dangerous’.” Of course there’s absolutely no chance of Bill Murray reprising his role in any Meatballs sequel, much less one from the director of Malibu’s Most Wanted. So we’ll have to sit through some sort of replacement actor. If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll hire Matt Frewer. If we’re unlucky, it’ll be Jamie Kennedy.