Jurassic Park is famous for its groundbreaking blend of CGI and animatronic effects, creating terrifying robots both though good old-fashioned creature building and some of the earliest CGI in feature films, to the point that, at the time, nobody could tell the difference. But the film's scariest creatures, the velociraptors, were partly made using some of the oldest special effects in the movie business: guys in rubber suits.

And if you don't believe that could work, check out this video from behind the scenes of Stan Winston's effects shop, narrated by one of the raptor suit performers, John Rosengrant.

There's so much hilarious stuff in there, from the raptor people chasing their coworkers around the studio to Stan Winston himself peering down the dino tail, but also a fascinating look into the process of making puppets this elaborate and truly scary. There's more detail and images over at the Stan Winston School blog, with some still images from the raptor kitchen attack scene that feature our guy John Rosengrant inside the suit. In fact, since I'm sure this behind-the-scenes look has given you the itch to watch the movie again, let's just watch that famous kitchen scene while we're here.

Maybe it's not as scary when you know there's a friendly guy inside the raptor suit (or CGI pixels creating them), but one of the pleasures of revisiting Jurassic Park over and over again is marveling at the special effects, even after the childhood terror has worn off. If you want way, way more geekery where this came from, there's always the Jurassic Park complete Blu-ray collection that came out last year; more special features than you'll know what to do with, and of course, the ultimate pleasure of just watching those movies again.

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