Megan Fox Rewriting The Transformers 2 Script?

Here’s something kind of cute: Megan Fox thinks she’s helping to write the script for Transformers 2. Note to Megan Fox: You are a nookie girl. You barely even qualify as an actress let alone a writer. But it’s sweet that you think you’re helping. At least that’s what it sounds like, from a recent interview she did with MTV.

In the interview, she talks about working on Transformers 2 and says, “You know, we’ve been having script meetings, and we’ve been reworking the script, because they wrote it fast because of the writer’s strike.” We, not “they”. Again, cute! I don’t quite know what the writers strike had to do with it though. Didn’t Michael Bay tell us he got the script half-written by himself during the strike? Megan insists they’re doing some polishing. She continues, “And, we’ve just been going through and trying to do some character stuff for Shia and myself in the middle of this crazy world that they’re in.”

Megan may not know her place, but at least Michael Bay is under know delusions as to why he has her in the movie. When asked what input Bay has given her, Megan confesses, “His main note to me is just to look hot; so I try my best.” And your best is much appreciated.

Josh Tyler