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This could simply be wishful thinking on the part of a nation, but various sources are reporting that a Mexican television news show has announced James Bond’s new babe. Rumor has it that Mexican soap star Mayrin Villanueva has landed a part in the 22nd Bond movie. The news came from her husband Jorge Porza, who spilled the beans to media outlets. I can’t really blame the guy, if my wife had just been cast as a Bond babe I’d probably have a pretty hard time keeping quiet about it. Actually, I might get it on a t-shirt.

According to the guys over at MI6, Villanueva’s casting fits some of what they’ve been hearing. Apparently most of the Bond Girl scouting has taken place in South America. 007 has a thing for Latinas, and it looks like Mayrin Villanueva will be his south of the border girl.

Not that it matters. The truth is that historically, Bond girls have had all the shelf life of day old baked goods. They show up in the movie, look ridiculously hot, get everyone’s attention for about five minutes, and then fade away never to be seen again. Mayrin Villanueva looks well positioned to do exactly that. She’s thirty-two, so sexy it’s sick, and… well that’s all that’s required. Sexy. She can handle that. Enjoy the pics below for proof. She seems to have a thing for stretching: