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Michael Cera Freaks Out On The Set Of Youth In Revolt

Michael Cera has a history of fake, public meltdowns for fun and free advertising. So with the Christian Bale thing on everyone’s mind I guess someone involved with his new movie Youth in Revolt thought it might be funny if he did one on their set.

So here it is, Michael Cera in a robe and what appears to be a ridiculous mustache fake-berating his crew. I’m not really sure what he’s fake-mad about, but if you’ve ever wanted to see a stick figure get angry, then here’s your chance. Watch Michael Cera go fake-nuts below:

And for those who have forgotten, here’s two of his previous fake-meltdowns. The first one is set during his junketing for Superbad, and in the second one he goes nuts on the set of Knocked Up: