Mickey Rourke Spends Some Time In Jail

It would add the perfect amount of dramatic irony to Mickey Rourke’s story to report that, on the heels of his return to Hollywood filmmaking, the actor has wound up in jail. Photographic evidence to the contrary, however, Rourke hasn’t suddenly found himself on a coke induced binge or drunken rage - at least not that we know of. Instead the actor is spending some time in a Russian jail cell in preparation for his upcoming Iron Man 2 role.

Rumors restarted about Rourke joining the Iron Man sequel last week. Speculation now seems to be that he’ll play Iron Man villain Whiplash, which is different from initial speculation that he’d play another armored character, the villain Crimson Dynamo.

Regardless of the specifics, it looks like Rourke’s character will spend some time in a Russian prison, so the actor spent time touring a real prison - Butrka Prison in Moscow. MTV’s Splash Page snagged an image of Rourke in one of the Russion cells and points out that serving time in the prison would be a departure from Whiplash’s comic book story. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but I’m still putting my money on there being some sleight of hand at work here and that Rourke will eventually be confirmed as Dynamo.