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Writer-director Jeff Nichols has become one of those storytellers who makes you stand up and take notice every time he has a new film coming out. True, the director only has three credits to his name. But since they include the outstanding Take Shelter and the incredible Mud, we’re pretty much on board with whatever type of story he’d like to tell next, especially when it looks like Midnight Special:
Are you getting the same Amblin vibe off of this first footage for Midnight Special? The director once again teams with his lucky charm, Michael Shannon, for the story of a powerful young boy who is being pursued by powerful forces because of his unique abilities. Shannon is the man’s father, but who, then, is Joel Edgerton playing? From what we can tell in this trailer, the men have "abducted" 8-year-old Alton (Jaeden Lieberher), and are keeping him out of the hands of Adam Driver. Primarily because the boy can do this…

… and Driver’s character, as is made clear in the trailer, views him as a possible weapon.

The trailer breaks down some of Alton’s powers. We’re told that he would have fits, and that things would break. But it’s described as a "feeling" being around his displays of power. This strikes us as Jeff Nichols doing his superhero movie, focusing on a mutant but grounding his story, like all of his stories, in realistic depictions that will make the events far more relatable than, say, Age of Ultron.

Jeff Nichols’ short but sturdy track record has us excited for Midnight Special, but it’s that cast that has us literally over the moon. Michael Shannon is one of the most underrated actors working today. Joel Edgerton routinely impresses us in films like Black Mass, The Great Gatsby, Zero Dark Thirty and the amazing Warrior. He’s also coming along as a gifted filmmaker. See The Gift, if you haven’t yet. They will be joined by Driver, Kirsten Dunst and Sam Shepard, in a story that looks to be incredibly compelling.

Now, the bad news. Midnight Special isn’t due to hit the States until March 18, 2016. That’s before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, obviously, but still months away. Thankfully, we have a few exciting titles to keep us busy until then. But this trailer looks so good, I’d pay top dollar to check out this movie now. What do you guys think?