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Since the release of J.J Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the world is once again crazy about Star Wars. After suffering through both the prequels trilogy and the years in between each set of films, it was easy to forget just how great the original Star Wars trilogy truly was. The space opera forever changed the world of sci-fi, effects, and film in general. One fan seems to realize this, and has edited together a modern trailer for the original trilogy as a whole. Check out all the awesomeness below.

Pretty great, right? This youtuber, Medley Weaver seems to perfectly understand what makes the original Star Wars trilogy so great. As well as how to make trailer enticing for modern audiences.

Medley Weaver seems to know the original trilogy rather well, even by our standards. In this trailer, Luke is the clear focus of the story. Rather than splitting its time equally between the three main characters (Luke, Han, and Leia) this seems to give the most attention to Luke’s journey throughout the trilogy. This does seem to make sense. Although the rest of the characters are beloved members of the canon, Luke’s trajectory truly is the most dramatic. We are shown this in the first few moments of the video, when the shot transitions from Luke first hearing about The Force at Ben’s place, to him as a Jedi Master ready to fight Vader and The Emperor in Return of the Jedi.

Although the above video is lengthy and covers all three films, it succeeds in not giving away any of the major plot twists. Sure, we find out that Luke becomes adept at using The Force eventually, but other than that not much information is given. There are no hints at Vader’s parentage of Leia and Luke, which will remain in history was one of the biggest WTF moments in film history.

Additionally, other big moments were teased, but not ruined through this video. We see Han going down in an elevator that will eventually freeze him in carbonite, but an uninformed viewer would just see Harrison Ford looking cool some space contraption. Leia was barely featured at all, aside from a few vague shots and a moment where Han hugs her in the Ewok village on Endor. She’s clearly the female protagonist, but other than that her plot remains completely a mystery.

What is perhaps the most unique about Medley Weaver’s trailer is the focus on The Force itself. Star Wars movies are generally more character driven than faith focused, but the above video takes a new approach. Throughout all of the action, the dialogue chosen for the trailer focuses on various character’s belief and faith in The Force. We’re shown Luke’s naivety, Han’s ignorance, and it all ends with Obi-Wan’s words that The Force will always be with Luke.

I hope this super trailer helped get you in the mood for May the 4th. How are you celebrating Star Wars day? Sound off in the comments below.

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