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The Town

Attention poster collectors and Ben Affleck fans alike. Mondo is celebrating Affleck’s directorial efforts with a series of posters showcasing The Town, Argo and Gone Baby Gone. The above poster shows us their take on the 2010 crime drama The Town, which depicts the silhouettes of two bag-carrying men — possibly Affleck’s Doug and Jeremy Renner’s "Jem" — facing a maze of parked Boston Police cars blocking their way to Fenway.

Mondo’s announcement says these posters will be available for sale on Monday, December 9. Since they usually go fast, be sure to keep an eye out for the exact time on Twitter (@MondoNews).

Check out the variant version of The Town poster below:

The Town Variant

Mondo’s poster for The Town was done by artist Daniel Danger.
Size: 24 x 36
Edition Size: 390 regular, 160 variant
Price: $45 regular, $70 variant

Next up, we have Argo, which shows a cluttered desk where someone's clearly been chain-smoking. Among the mess is a postcard from "Dad" that looks like a coded message, a couple of Canadian passports, an Argo script and some other items, one of which might be a polaroid photo of Clea DuVall's character Cora...


The most recent of the three films, Argo went on to win Best Picture, though Affleck was unfortunately not nominated for directing. It’s also worth noting that this one’s black and white, which is a major contrast to the colorful Argo poster Mondo released earlier this year. Here are the details on the above poster:
Artist: Matthew Woodson
Size: 24" x 36"
Edition Size: 290
Price: $45

And finally, here’s the one for Gone Baby Gone, which shows four figures shining flashlights down into the quarry:

Gone baby gone

The 2007 mystery marked Affleck’s directorial debut. It earned numerous nominations and awards, including an Oscar and Golden Glob nod for Amy Ryan. Here are the details for this one:
Artist: Adam Simpson
Size: 24" x 36"
Edition Size: 235
Price: $45

Here’s what Affleck had to say about his films being showcased in the latest Mondo series of posters:
"I've always loved Mondo and their passion for film, as well as their talented stable of artists. I was initially drawn by their ability to offer a unique perspective on so many beloved films and am thrilled to see my films become the newest additions to their work.