If you caught the much-heralded recent trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, you're probably already hotly anticipating the summer release of Wes Anderson's newest film-- because come on, there's only so much time we can spend getting amped for The Avengers and The Dark Knight before we need something a little smaller. The movie will premiere at Cannes in advance of its May 25 release date, but even with the famous French festival coming up in just over a month, we still haven't seen much from the film beyond that trailer and a lovely poster.

That pattern isn't changing much today, but it's still fun to get a look at this "vintage team photo," which features the entire cast posed as if they're the world's strangest Scout troop. The beauty is really in the details, so click on the image below for the high-res version that you can peruse at will.

I love so many individual little things in this, from Edward Norton's stern scoutleader to Bill Murray's shellshocked expression to the trio of kids in their pajamas who look ready to raise hell. If you look closely you can see Tilda Swinton in the photo that Jason Schwartzman is holding, but you know who's really missing? That flock of girls dressed up as birds for their dance recital, glimpsed in the beginning of the trailer. Did they not make it out to New Penzance Island? Still, this image gives the movie even more of a sense of being a box of wonders just waiting to be opened. Excited as I am for some of the biggest movies of summer, I'm ready to embrace this little weird one as well.

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