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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is about three months away from getting released but the actors are starting to open up more about what we can expect from the film. Batman and Superman aside, Ben Affleck thinks he knows who the most interesting character in Batman V Superman will be.
Luthor is, for me, the most interesting character in the film. He’s radically different from what we’ve seen so far. He’s grounded in reality, and he’s extraordinary. This type of film is only as good as its villain. That’s why The Dark Knight was so brilliant, because of Heath Ledger’s Joker. Jesse improves the film with each scene he’s in. He’s not your usual one-dimensional villain, there’s a whole psychology behind him.

The quote comes to us from the French magazine Studio Cine’ Live (via Batman News), and if nothing else, Ben Affleck is right about one thing: you can’t have a good superhero movie without a standout, badass villain. The audience always needs the hero to battle someone who seems unstoppable. The big bad has to either posses a cunning intelligence, or have an outright fearsome and dominating appearance. And, from what we’ve seen of the movie so far, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will certainly provide movie-goers with all the wily acumen we desire from our supervillains.

Jesse Eisenberg has made a nice career for himself playing characters who delight in their own cleverness, and Lex Luthor certainly seems to be no different. If anyone can pull off a Luthor with a dangerous dedication to his own brainpower, it would be Eisenberg. He’s turned the character into someone who may be a less in-your-face threat than usual, but he’s got the knowledge to orchestrate a showdown between two of the country’s most powerful heroes.

The movies Jesse Eisenberg has starred in are usually more thoughtful and, often, comedic affairs, even though Batman V Superman does appear to use humor as a way to break up the action and tension between its key players. Eisenberg has led such films as Zombieland, The Social Network (for which he received an Oscar nomination), Now You See Me and American Ultra. This will certainly mark the man’s first foray into possible blockbuster (who am I kidding, obvious blockbuster) territory, and he seems more than up to the challenge.

In promoting his first supervillain role and Batman V Superman Jesse Eisenberg has gone on record many times to extol the virtues of the film and how the part of Lex Luthor was crafted by the writer. He’s praised how the film uses "really sophisticated, philosophical themes" in a smarter way than most comic book movies, and his "incredible character," so it’s obvious he’s fully on board with the way the film progressed.

Of course, it’s not like Jesse Eisenberg would be the kind of actor to take a gig just for the big bucks he’s sure to get. He likes his films to be thoughtful, even if they are largely about fighting and blowing things up.