Here in America, it's Thanksgiving, and most of us at Cinema Blend are spread at our various families' homes across the country, eating ourselves silly and trying to talk our families into going to the movies to see Skyfall another time. We hope you're doing something similar-- or at least eating something delicious-- while also taking time to think of how much you have to be thankful for this year. Because, while we spend a lot of time throughout the year complaining about this and that ridiculous thing that Hollywood does, this year has had a lot of great stuff both large-- Hulk-sized, you might say-- and as tiny as the stop-motion puppets of ParaNorman.

So in the spirit of celebration, we've put together a list of what we're thankful for from the movies of 2012. From shirtless strippers to magnificent mustaches to two screen depictions of the same President, there's been a lot to be grateful for this year.

Joss Whedon.

The Big Board in Cabin in the Woods.

The expansion of VOD and how easy it is to see great, tiny movies no matter where you are.

The fact that there are two documentaries about the West Memphis Three, and all of them are out of prison to help promote them.

That 2016: Obama’s America and Atlas Shrugged Part II do not appear to have influenced the election whatsoever.

Not one but two movies celebrating the United States’ greatest President, Abraham Lincoln.

The explosion of stop-motion animation: ParaNorman, Frankenweenie and Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Hulk beating the shit out of Loki in The Avengers.

Game Central Station in Wreck-It Ralph.

The resurrection of James Bond.

Daniel Craig fixing his cufflink as a train is ripped in half in Skyfall.

The ambitiousness of Cloud Atlas.

Fuck you, science!

Ben Affleck definitively earning back our trust with Argo.

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