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Mr. Universe Makes Rapping Lawyer Movie

When not busy writing and directing the greatest movies of our generation (just wait till you see Knocked Up), Judd Apatow is busy producing movies which, if not as good as the ones he directs, are usually kind of alright. For instance he’s got that Walk Hard movie coming out with John C. Reilly, and now The Hollywood Reporter says he’s working on a lawyer comedy called Attorneys at Raw.

The movie’s being written by David Krumholtz, who will also star in the film. If you don’t know who David Krumholtz is and are wondering what he’s done to deserve to work with cinema’s new comedy man-god, then you’re not alone. Apparently he’s done a lot of stuff as an actor, but mostly as background or one line parts. For instance in Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny he was “Frat Boy 2”. In Serenity he had a more memorable role as “Mr. Universe”, or it would be memorable if anyone had gone out to see Serenity. He’s also in the aforementioned upcoming John C. Reilly movie Walk Hard, which is probably where he hooked up with Lord Judd.

In Attorneys at Raw he’ll play one of two young lawyers who decide they want to skip out on lawyering and become rappers. Somebody should check the bottom of Krumholtz’s pitch for a blot of whiteout. I bet if you remove the whiteout you’ll find Jamie Kennedy’s name underneath. It sounds like something he’d come up with. Luckily they have Judd Apatow involved, and that means it will be better that Malibu’s Most Wanted. Of course if you take a dump on a piece of paper it’ll be better than Malibu’s Most Wanted, so I guess that’s not saying much.