In the wake of Thor: The Dark World, Natalie Portman is riding high, so it's fitting that her Western Jane Got A Gun will hit theaters in the summer. Despite the shared name of her characters, Jane Got A Gun is not some Marvel spin-off for Thor's sassy scientist girlfriend Jane Foster. Instead, the Relativity production stars Portman as Jane Hammond, a wife forced to defend her ailing husband against a armed gang of cowboys. To save her family and farm, she calls on an old lover to watch her back. Presumably, sexual tension is thick as the bad guys move in.

Deadline reports Relativity will release Jane Got A Gun on August 29th, 2014. The opening day announcement is likely a relief to the film's producers, whose production problems grabbed a slew of headlines last spring. At the time, celebrated Scottish director Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin) was set to helm the picture. But on the first day of shooting in Santa Fe, the cast and crew were stunned when she never showed up.

Producer Scott Steindorff was the first to rush to the press with his side of the story, accusing Ramsay of bailing on the production at the last moment. However, reports of ongoing quarrels between the two soon surfaced, as did news that Ramsay had walked away from the production two full days before the start date. This was reportedly because the producers hadn't yet given her an approved schedule, script, or budget. Nonetheless, Relativity was quick to bring in a replacement helmer, Gavin O'Connor who directed the 2011 brotherhood drama Warrior.

But this wasn't the end of Jane's troubles. Casting had been a recurring obstacle for the independent Western. While Portman had signed on in the spring of 2012, the male leads were harder to fill. In August of that year, Michael Fassbender took the role of her ex-lover. But re-scheduling on X-Men: Days of Futures Past forced him out, so Joel Edgerton, who'd been lined up for the feature's blood-thirsty villain, was shifted to that part. From there, Jude Law came aboard to play the baddie. After the director shuffle, Law too bailed, and Bradley Cooper swooped into take his vacated part. But then the Boston marathon bombings slowed production on American Hustle, and Cooper had to duck out on Jane. Thankfully, there are plenty of leading men willing to work with the Academy Award-winning Portman. At long last, it was her Star Wars co-star Ewan McGregor who took this slippery saddle as the film's villain, and Jane Got a Gun was on its way to being completed.

With all this as prelude, the script by Brian Duffield better prove pretty fantastic, as it will hard to beat the drama that went into this movie's making. Opening on August 29th, Jane Got a Gun will face off against the horror feature Jessabelle and the Karl Urban-fronted thriller The Loft.

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