Natalie Portman Naked For Wes Anderson

We don’t trade in celebrity nudity, but since at least the male half of our readers will probably want to know, I’m here to tell you. Natalie Portman may soon be nude on screen.

You’ll remember that she shot nude scenes for her stripper role in Closer, which were removed before the film hit theaters after she expressed discomfort with letting people see them. The weird thing is that her role in Closer actually sort of needed nudity. Most strippers do tend to take their clothes off. Meanwhile this one, well I can’t see any reason why it’d be required. See she’s not even going naked in a movie, word is that she’s stripping down for the short film “Hotel Chevalier” which is supposed to play before Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited.

The news comes from JoBlo where they’ve been getting reports on the film from people who saw it at the Venice Film Festival. Sexuality isn’t normally a Wes Anderson thing, but their scoopers say the short is actually heavy with lusty stuff. They say, “in one shot, Schwartzman gently pulls off Portman’s clothes to reveal her naked body from behind, and a later shot has Portman, nude, standing still in a doorway, one foot up against the frame. It’s a beautiful shot, and one that’s made even more pertinent by Sarstedt’s melancholic lyrics on the soundtrack. It’s the sexiest thing that Anderson has ever done.”

Celebrity nudity aside, I’m definitely curious to see what happens when Anderson gets sexy. Reports on The Darjeeling itself have been kind of mixed, but the short that precedes it is starting to sound really good. Unfortunately, word is that “Hotel Chevalier” won’t run in front of Darjeeling when it opens here in the US. To see it, you’ll have to catch it at a Film Festival, or wait for the DVD.

Josh Tyler