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Natalie Portman Says No To More Star Wars Sequels

Damn you Natalie Portman. Damn you for making me fall more in love with you. Natalie Portman has been talking to MTV Movies, and in the process has laid out some truth about the creatively bankrupt practices of Hollywood by becoming one of the few actors or actresses with the courage to come out against filmmaking do-overs and sequels.

Portman says, “When something works you don’t touch it, you try to create something new that’s positive.” Maybe that explains why Natalie has managed to mostly dodge participating in remake fever. Good for her. Instead she does interesting, original projects like Garden State, or fresh adaptations like V for Vendetta. She does however, seem to make some weird exceptions. She starts work on her first remake soon, a redo of a 2004 Denmark film called Brothers, which she’s remaking with Tobey Maguire. Well, she did say “when something works”. Maybe she thinks the original movie sucks. Or maybe it doesn’t count of the original movie wasn’t made in America.

But wait, what about sequels? How does she feel about those? If you were holding your breath for some sort of Star Wars, Padme, spin-off movie, well forget it. Talking about Star Wars she says, “I spent ten years working on these films, it’s time to let it continue on its own.” And she feels the same way about Luc Besson’s Leon , in which young Portman played Mathilda. There have been Leon sequel rumblings lately, but if it happens it’ll be without Portman. She says, “I really love that film, and I would work with [director] Luc Besson again, in a second, but [not on a sequel].”