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Natalie Portman Turns Director?

While the rest of Hollywood’s under 30 crowd runs around boozing and flashing their vaginas Natalie Portman quietly embodies everything there is to know about real talent and class. She picks complicated and interesting projects, she’s smart, and she’s beautiful. She’s proven herself as one of the most brilliant actresses in the business, and now it looks like she may be ready to put her considerable intelligence to work on something new. Natalie Portman: actress may soon become Natalie Portman: director.

FilmStalker has picked up an item from Reuters which says that Natalie has expressed interest in directing an adaptation of the best selling autobiography of Israeli writer Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness. She’s supposed to have met with Jerusalem Capital Studios and discussed the possibility of her involvement.

The book is the biggest selling work in Israeli history, which I guess makes it kind of like their own “Atlas Shrugged”. Hopefully it’s not as boring. A Tale of Love and Darkness tells of Oz’s upbringing in Jerusalem during the turbulent times of the Jewish state’s founding. Word is that Portman may also act in the movie, and if she does she’ll play a small role as Oz’s suicidal mother.

A word of warning here though. Jerusalem Capital Studios is a pretty small-time operation. We’re not talking about Sony Pictures or even Magnolia Pictures here. They’re a strictly Middle East entity, where they’re a leading provider in television and video production. Big time movies is not their thing. So, there’s a possibility here that they may be overstating her interest a bit just to get publicity for a project which they probably wouldn’t get any for otherwise.