Danny McBride’s Your Highness has found an obligatory female lead. According to Variety it’s Natalie Portman.

Directed by Pineapple Express’s David Gordon Green from a script McBride wrote, Your Highness is a medieval comedy about a lazy, arrogant prince (Danny McBride) and his brother (James Franco) forced to embark on a quest to save their kingdom. Portman will play a warrior princes who catches McBride’s eye.

Two things here. Has Natalie Portman ever done comedy? I don’t think so, and I’m interested to see how she fares. Second, warrior princess? Natalie Portman? I means he’s pretty badass in her rap videos but her body type isn’t usually what I think of when I think Xena types. Portman, for all her amazing skill as an actress, is kind of a waif. A beautiful, entrancing, lovely waif but still a waif. I hope she’s planning to work out. A lot.

Watch Natalie at her most badass below:

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