Nathan Fillion To Cameo In Guardians Of The Galaxy

The truth about these Marvel films is that, even though they are well-made and employ top directors, sometimes the production continues on until the very last minute. As a result, so too does the news slowly seep out regarding the production, new information coming to light within mere weeks of the film's release. And now, because August 1st brings us Guardians Of The Galaxy, we've received word that there's one particular cameo coming in the superhero film that should please fans.

James Gunn responded to a Tweet asking if frequent collaborator Nathan Fillion was going to appear in Guardians Of The Galaxy as the hero Nova. His response dismissed this possibility.

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However, like the good reporters they are, Twitter couldn't stop, wouldn't stop, re-wording the question slightly. And suddenly, we learn the truth about Fillion, one that we had previously heard.

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So, okay, a few things. It seemed oddly specific for Nathan Fillion to be singled out for Nova. Maybe a few years ago, when Fillion was in better shape, both career-wise and body-wise. Let's face it, the success of TV's Castle has allowed Fillion to drop the pretense of a leading-man action-star physique that he briefly sported in Serenity. He could reach that body type again, but why would he? Castle, now in season seven, has made him a very wealthy man.

Of course, there's the tricky part of this rumor. "Nova" is usually considered to be Richard Rider, a human gifted with powers and recruited to the Nova Corps, an intergalactic police force led by Glenn Close in Guardians of The Galaxy. Of course, that means there are technically MANY Novas, one of them being Close's Nova Prime Irani Rael, another being John C. Reilly's Rhomann Dey. In other words, maybe Fillion isn't playing Nova, but A NOVA, a member of the Nova Corps, maybe a snarky administrative type.

Then again, whenever someone is rumored to play a role in the Marvel films, most fans will just automatically assume they're in a pivotal role from the comics. Chances are, as much fun it might be to see Fillion as a standout Marvel character, maybe he's just playing "a guy." Or better yet, given that ABC and Marvel share a parent company in Disney, maybe Fillion is just playing Richard Castle. Come on, you don't think Groot looks like a Castle fan?