Nicole Kidman's Erotic Awakening Movie

Nicole Kidman is re-entering the world of erotica she last stripped down for in an awful Kubrick film. Variety says she’s signed up to star in The Reader opposite Ralph Fiennes.

In The Reader a man recounts the story of his erotic awakening during a secret love affair with an older woman in the midst of WWII. Presumably Kidman plays the older woman, but is she really all that much older than Fiennes? He can’t possibly be playing the man in the past. That just wouldn’t make sense. Meanwhile, he’s too young to play the old man recounting a story of his youth. So, I have no idea where he fits in. Maybe he’s the soldier on the left in scene 24.

The movie is based on a novel by a German writer with an “Sch” in his name. Schlink? I hope I spelled that right. It looks like a brand of razor. Stephen Daldry, who did The Hours with Kidman, will direct and David Hare is turning the novel into a script. No word on whether that script will require Kidman to participate in an on-screen orgy, the way her last erotic awakening film did.

Josh Tyler