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After drawing the world's notice with the Oscar-winning melodrama Precious, daring director Lee Daniels chose another gritty book for the inspiration of his much-anticipated follow-up. Based on Peter Dexter's 1955 crime novel The Paperboy, Daniels latest thriller is set in the deep South and delves deep into lust, murder and depravity.

Nicole Kidman stars as a scandalously sexual woman named Charlotte Bless who has fallen for death row inmate Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack). She believes he is innocent of the charge that he killed the local sheriff. Determined to see him freed so the two can marry, Bless calls on the help of investigative journalist Ward Jensen (Matthew McConaughey) and his doe-eyed newspaper-delivering brother Jack (Zac Efron) to aid her in uncovering evidence that could be grounds for an appeal. But despite their best efforts to keep a level head, these brothers are soon entangled in Bless and Wetter's twisted web. Get a taste of its steamy allure in the trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo:

The Paperboy debuted at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year where it not only scored a coveted nomination for the prestigious Palme d'Or prize, but also raised a stir over disturbing scenes involving Kidman's uninhibited sexpot. Of course, the controversy sort of just adds to the thriller's mystique. And with McConaughey already getting Oscar buzz for his performance in Magic Mike and Kidman winning early praise for her fearless portrayal here, The Paperboy is stacking up to be a fall feature not to be missed.

The Paperboy opens in theaters October 5th.