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Oh boy, here we go. Just when we cut ourselves loose from the endless Black Cat/Vulture/Vulturess casting rumors as all of Spider-Man 4 got flushed down the toilet, we start a new phase of speculation about who will direct the Spider-Man reboot. Word on the street is that the #1 choice is Marc Webb even though there are delusional Sony execs hoping David Fincher or James Cameron will somehow sign on.

And now Quiet Earth is hearing that Nimrod Antal, the director of Armored and the upcoming Predators is high on the list. For some reason they say Sam Raimi is the one who wants him, while I was thinking that Raimi has absolutely nothing to do with the franchise at this point. Even the Quiet Earth guys are saying that the only real news to take out of this is that Antal's Predators is getting good buzz, so don't take it too seriously. Clearly the fact that Raimi was an unlikely choice to direct the original franchise means that anyone-- and I mean anyone-- is being considered a viable option. Just wait for the Nancy Meyers rumors to get started.

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