Now John Travolta Has Old-Timey Photographic Evidence That He's A Vampire

Remember the old timey photograph that a man in Seattle. Washington was claiming as proof that Nicolas Cage is a vampire? Yeah, now John Travolta has one too. Gawker picked up on this eBay listing, from a different seller than the Cage photo, who claims to have a a "ruby glass amotype photograph" taken in 1860 that clearly shows a youngish John Travolta. In fact, it seems to be Travolta around the time of Face/Off… a movie in which he starred opposite Cage. See the spooky evidence for yourself below.

Now, there's some kind of saying that George W. Bush famously mangled that goes "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." It seems entirely possible that the seller of the Nic Cage photo genuinely believes he's found evidence of the undead, and y'know, who can blame him for trying to share that with the world. But what are the odds of then a second photo emerging, this one showing one of Cage's former co-stars who is also a centuries-old vampire? And in the age of Photoshop, when these things are astonishingly easy to reproduce? Thanks to participation in a play a few years ago, I actually have a couple of these fake old daguerreotypes-- I'll show you sometime the proof that, I too, am a vampire.

But hey, the only way to prove it's a hoax is for somebody to buy this photo and reveal the truth to the world. I'll throw in a buck if someone else can cover the remaining $49,999 of the asking price.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend