Like any good magic trick, a cinematic universe requires a proper setup in order to hook and dazzle and audience with its tricks and twists. Now You See Me hit theaters in 2013, and introduced viewers to an intriguing new band of heroes known as the Four Horsemen. Mysteriously brought together by a hidden benefactor, the heroes of Now You See Me set out on a string of seemingly unrelated illusion-based heists, scams and cons that all built towards something supposedly even greater than anyone could possibly imagined.

However, many people simply left the theater after Now You See Me completely confused and befuddled by what they had just seen, and not necessarily in a good way. Even those of us who paid incredibly close attention to the film failed to pick up on several important plot elements that made the ending come together. With that in mind, we here at Cinema Blend have gone through the ending of Now You See Me in order to properly fill you in on everything you need to see before you check out Now You See Me 2 this coming weekend. However, we first must get you caught up on everything leading up to the film's confusing ending.

As with any good heist film, Now You See Me commences with the formation of a team. We're introduced to four undeniably talented magicians from various backgrounds: J. Daniel "Danny" Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco). Although all of them come from different walks of life, and maintain distinct skills in the world of magic and illusion, one mysterious, hooded figure brings them together and devises a Las Vegas show for them from the shadows. They have absolutely no idea who has devised this show for them, but they soon realize that – if they pull it off – this series of tricks will bring them the fame, fortune, and infamy that they have always desired for themselves. That’s the basic premise and setup for the events of the movie, but what about that tricky ending?

What Happens At The End

Following the formation of their magic troupe, the Four Horsemen first rob a major French Bank, and then they proceed to pull a similar heist on their very own financier -- a wealthy businessman named Arthur Tressler played by Michael Caine. These acts bring them international notoriety, as well as the suspicions of FBI agent Dylan Rhodes. Various law enforcement services want to take them down, but the fact that they're seemingly using real magic allows them to elude concrete evidence of any actual wrongdoing. Although they consistently remain one step ahead of the police throughout the runtime of the film, Rhodes and his men eventually close in on them, and a chase seemingly leads to the death of Horseman Jack Wilder (Dave Franco). Danny, Merritt, and Henley mourn the death of Jack, but they also make a solemn vow to their admirers and their enemies that they will see these tricks all the way to the end.

Throughout all of this, Rhodes' new partner Alma (Mélanie Laurent) on loan from Interpol has a sneaking suspicion that the Four Horsemen are part of a larger conspiracy related to a mysterious and borderline mythical group of magicians known as The Eye -- a group whose very existence stems back to the days of ancient Egypt. With the stakes at their highest, the enemies of the Horsemen convene in New York on a mission to bring them down before they get away with their final big trick: a major heist against the Elkhorn Safe Company. However, this is ultimately where things start to really get muddled for the film...

Now You See Me concludes with the three "surviving" Horsemen pulling off their final magic show for an ever-growing audience in 5 Pointz, New York as the FBI tries to prevent them from completing their final heist. Despite the best efforts of the law enforcement agency, the Horsemen manage to escape from the magic show, and it is revealed that a mysterious party has already stolen the money from the Elkhorn safe. Having eluded the police, Danny (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt (Woody Harrelson), and Henley (Isla Fisher) follow the end of the instructions left by the mysterious Fifth Horseman and arrive at Central Park, where they find a very much alive Jack Wilder waiting for them.

As the newly reunited and reassembled Four Horsemen make their way through the decrepit park, they come upon an old carousel where the Fifth Horseman -- FBI agent Dylan Rhodes -- is waiting to congratulate them and offer them membership to The Eye, as well as reveal why he chose them for this endeavor in the first place. Proudly accepting their place within the ancient organization, the four magicians step onto the carousel with Rhodes and miraculously disappear, because magic.

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