Oh No: The Point Break Remake Has A Director

If there is a Hell, it’s not a far-fetched assumption to decide that Hell is an endless supply of cinematic remakes, feeding the eternal flames with their inflated budgets and empty storylines. And if this were a Twilight Zone episode, the end of this story would just be a handwritten scribble that would read, “We’re already here…”

The inevitable damnation that is a Alcon Entertainment’s Point Break remake has found its director, instead of quietly fading away into the ethers, unseen by human eyes. Deadline reports Ericson Core has taken the job, and while we can’t blame him for conceiving the idea of a remake, he will certainly be in the crosshairs once the production is complete.

Core’s only other feature was 2006’s “Mark Wahlberg is a Philadelphia Eagle” drama Invincible, but he’s been a cinematographer on a handful of action films, including The Fast and the Furious and Daredevil.

It’s safe to assume we all remember and cherish (with 75% irony) the original Point Break, which pit 1991 Certified Hunk Patrick Swayze’s bank robbing team against the super duper suaveness of Keanu Reeves’ undercover cop. Skydiving, a rubber Richard Nixon mask and some of the most useless gunplay in cinema made the film a celebration of excess, purified by Reeves' golly-gee attitude. We still didn’t know he wasn’t Ted from Bill and Ted at this point. And it was another well-directed thriller from Kathryn Bigelow, who still has something of a career going for her.

So this remake was written by Kurt Wimmer, who brought audiences the mostly forgettable Law Abiding Citizen and Salt, and it’s set in the world of international extreme sports, where an undercover FBI agent gets his nose dirty with a criminal ring. The film will start shooting by the year’s end, so there is still time for this thing to die, much like the proposed sequel did.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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