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Oldboy Photos Count Down To Wednesday's Trailer

Oldboy room

Shortly after unveiling its first teaser poster, which showed Josh Brolin climbing out of a mysterious chest, Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake posted several new photos to its official Facebook page … a brutal human countdown, of sorts, that teases imprisonment for our lead character – and eventual release.

Oldboy 1

Oldboy 2

Oldboy 3

Oldboy 4

Oldboy 7

I like Park Chan-wook’s original Oldboy a lot, but I’m no expert. I understand that the markings on Brolin’s hand signify the years that he’s being imprisoned in the above room (for reasons he is never told). But I have no idea the significance of the fat Buddha with the duck nose. I even called a friend who is a rabid Oldboy fan, but they have no idea why this guy’s important.

Oldboy Buddha

The images on the Facebook page likely are serving as a countdown to the trailer due tomorrow for Lee’s remake, which stars Brolin as a man kidnapped by strangers and locked away for 15 years … then released as mysteriously as he was detained. Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley and Samuel L. Jackson co-star in the new Oldboy, though the bulk of the movie’s impact is going to fall on Brolin.

Now, if Lee’s Oldboy can come up with a sequence that rivals this genius hallway fight scene, we’ll be in good shape.

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