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Olivia Wilde Is The First Tron 2 Castmember

Tron 2, or whatever the heck they’re calling it, has started casting. We already know Jeff Bridges is involved but Disney has started filling in new faces to the sequel. Variety says the first newcomer added to the Tron universe will be Olivia Wilde.

Wilde has spent a lot of time working in TV and she was also hottie horror bait in Turistas. The biggest bullet point on her resume is still pending, she has a role in Harold Ramis’ next movie Year One as a character named Princess Inanna. Can she act? I have no idea. Is she good looking? Yes and, this may sound crazy but, she has the kind of well-defined bone structure that looks good in Tron’s weird, blacklit world. It’s easy to imagine her stepping in for Cindy Morgan, who played the first film’s primary female program.

Other than that she’s been hired, we know nothing about her role in the film and next to nothing about the film itself. Heck we’re not even sure what it’s called. Is it TR2N or TRZ? No one seems to agree and neither option is particularly appealing.