The One Superhero Jim Parsons Really Wants To Play

Jim Parsons has made a name for himself playing the offbeat, often times patronizing, lovable genius Sheldon Cooper on CBS’ hit series The Big Bang Theory. But now he wants to take a new geeky direction. His character has a bevy of favorite comic book characters, including The Flash (which he dressed as for Halloween) and Batman. But if given the chance, Parsons would love to play a particular supervillain in a comic book movie at some point or another. Can you guess who it is? Hopefully it’s pretty obvious, as it seems like perfect casting.

The Riddler!

Parsons recently confessed to MTV News UK during a press event for his latest film, Home, that he would love to play Batman’s nefarious and intentionally vague adversary at some point. As he remarked, the character isn’t being utilized much in the current cinematic line-up. The closest we got is Cory Michael Smith, who plays an early incarnation of the supervillain in FOX’s Batman prequel series Gotham. But in terms of big-screen endeavors, Jim Carrey was famously portrayed him in the Val Kilmer-led Batman Forever. And that’s about it!

Wouldn’t Parsons be an excellent choice, should Warner Bros. decide to feature The Riddler in any of its upcoming films? There are a few spots where we could see this happening, perhaps a cameo in Suicide Squad or a more featured role down the road in any potential sequels or that Ben Affleck-led standalone Batman film. But, to be clear, the character is not confirmed to appear, as of yet. You can listen to Parsons full statement on the idea below.

Parsons already has some of Riddler’s eccentricities down pat, through his time on The Big Bang Theory. For one, Cooper has an odd fascination with Batman.


People often times think he's crazy because of his social ineptness, lack of approachability and his hard-to-grasp scientific theories. As such, he’s undergone psychiatric testing.


Jim Parsons The Riddler GIF 2

Because of his success, he believe himself to be the greatest mind Earth's inhabitants have to offer. Everyone else are mere ants compared to the might of his intellect.


Jim Parsons The Riddler GIF 3

And his ideas are frequently hard to understand, yet they have a touch of the sadistically insane. 


Jim Parsons The Riddler GIF 4

So, how's about we start this campaign now? If Tyrese can drive down to Warner Bros. studios after fans made it clear they'd support him as Green Lantern, then why not Parsons for The Riddler? Though, he already has some stiff competition in Justin Timberlake.