The One Thing Josh Hutcherson Hated The Most About Doing The Hunger Games

Josh Hutcherson surely has very little to complain about where the Hunger Games movies are concerned. After all, he has a lead role in the series, and the movies have been both huge financial successes, and also critical hits. Being even amazing things have their small problem, and for Hutcherson's experience as Peeta, the worst part of all of it was dying his hair blond.

With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 being released on Blu-ray/DVD, ABC News recently caught up with Hutcherson for an interview, and it was during their chat that the actor revealed his biggest pet peeve about playing the young adult franchise's male lead. He was asked what he both will and won't miss about doing the movies, and explained that he never loved having to sit through the process of getting his hair done. He explained,

I'm excited to shed the blonde hair! That's the thing that I was like, 'Get out of here!' Having to do touch ups all the time and get my hair redyed and bleached, was not my thing at all.

Those movie-goers who have followed Josh Hutcherson's career as an actor outside of the Hunger Games movies know that he is normally sporting a mess of brown hair, as seen in the still from The Kids Are All Right below:

The Kids Are All Right

More than just the color, though, it sounds like what Josh Hutcherson really didn't like was the fact that his hair in the Hunger Games movies was its own separate production, taking chunks of time out of his schedule. Of course, this makes me wonder how he would feel about a really transformative performance that would require him to sit through a lot of makeup and prosthetic work.

On the positive side, Hutcherson did have a very sweet response regarding what he will miss about making the movie - specifically, the family-like friends that he made during production. He said,

I'm going to miss just being with everyone that much. We are all still close and see each other on a fairly regular basis. When you are filming, it's 12 plus hours a day for months at a time. It's kind of sad, because you had such a great time making them, now it's coming to a close. But also, I think everyone is ready to move on to the next stages of their careers and lives and everything.

The Hunger Games series will be coming to an end later this year, with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 set to arrive in theaters November 20th.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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