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One former American Idol contestant, Constantine Maroulis, has already moved on from that show to even bigger fame as Drew Boley in Rock of Ages. Now with that Broadway show moving over to film, it might be time for another one to do it. THR reports that director Adam Shankman has scheduled an open casting call for Saturday, March 26 to find the right actor for the part, a young man who falls for Julianne Hough's character Sherrie to the tune of a lot of hair metal songs.

Maroulis himself had admitted he wanted the movie part-- "Obviously, I feel like this is my part and I've done all the work and I feel like I've done a lot to bring the show to this sort of level of success"-- but given that Maroulis is 36 and the casting call is open to actors ages 18-25, it's likely he was simply too old to get the part. Lucky for Shankman, there are many, many seasons worth of American Idol contestants with the required "real rock and roll voice" who fit the age requirement and would probably be happy to fill in.

Even if you've never been part of Idol, here's the information on how to audition if you're up for it:

New Line is looking for a male actor between 18-25 "with a real rock 'n' roll singing voice," the studio announced Friday.

The open casting call is taking place in Saturday, March 26 at Central Casting in Los Angeles (220 South Flower St. Burbank, CA 91502).

Call (818) 725-7425 or go to www.rockofagesmoviecasting.com for more information.