Ouija Used A Fake Psychic And A Corpse To Make This Hysterical Viral Video

The makers of Ouija have released a rather terrifying viral video to promote its upcoming release that proves just how much the paranormal can seep into peoples’ minds. Don’t believe me? Then check out the clip below that will truly give you the jeepers.

Spooky stuff! Clearly the real reason why the fake psychic, who is named Yolanda, was able to truly scare the life out of the people who walked in expecting a free reading was because of her eyes, which she was able to make pop out of her sockets at her own discretion. OK, that might not sound like the scariest prank in the world, but when it’s coupled with a hole in the ground that is filled with a man dressed as a corpse and remote controlled floorboards that can be opened at any given point, then the result is truly frightening.

Yolanda’s yelps are preceded by her guiding her guests to spell out the word run on the Ouija board; which she then screams in their faces. Obviously they don’t take too kindly to her shouting and return the favor, but the volume soon increases ten-fold when the floorboards open up to reveal the confused corpse, who, for all intents and purposes, is looking for a body to munch on. Some of those visiting even fall out of their chairs and if there had been an older person in the building they probably would have had a cardiac arrest. That probably wouldn’t have resulted in the publicity that Ouija was for, though.

I feel the most sorry for the individuals who entered the free Psychic Reading believing that they were about to actually connect with the dead. Yolanda even tells one visitor, "I’m feeling a very strong presence with you. So I would like to deal with that first," to which he responds, "My Grandma, she told me to never mess with a Ouija board," and of course he basically soils himself when she eventually plays her trick on his poor soul. Meanwhile, another guest declares, "You sure you ain’t going to unlock something that we just can’t get back into the box?" to which she teases, "I’m sure," while one woman moves so far back on her chair and then plummets to the ground that I can’t help but feel the entire video was rigged. Whether that’s actually the case or not remains to be seen, but either way it doesn’t really matter because the fact that the clip has gone viral and promoted Ouija exponentially means that it has done its job already.

The supernatural horror revolves around a group of friends who, after one of their posse dies, decide to contact their recently deceased pal on a Ouija board. As you can imagine, things take a pretty dark turn really quickly. Ouija will be released on October 24, 2014. Fingers crossed Yolanda makes a cameo. She deserves it.

Gregory Wakeman