Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer Is Demonic And Flashy

The terrifying trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension has made its derivative but deadly debut. Billed with the promise that "every secret will be revealed," the fifth and final Paranormal Activity film is looking to cross the found-footage finish line with what could be its most definitive bit of demonic terrorizing. Check it out below… and watch you back!

From the makeshift manipulations, the ambiguous assembly, and low-lit shots, to the safety of a humble abode rendered a claustrophobic catastrophe, there’s no mistaking the fact that the Paranormal Activity series knows what cinematographically butters their bread. This time, we’re introduced to a new family in Palo Alto, California, who, upon acquiring some old-ass video equipment featuring footage of some familiar characters, will inevitably bring a demonic dilemma into their home.

Despite the fact that, five movies in, audiences are well aware of what to expect, the setup of the horrendous haunting actually appears to be brilliantly done. Out of random curiosity, the home’s resident brothers watch the footage, showing young versions of the series’ ill-fated characters, sisters Katie and Kristi engaged in some sort of deep spiritual possession. However, in a mind-blowing twist, the present day viewing of the old-footage has created some type of time-bending teleconference effect, and the brothers are actually communicating with the young girls in the past. As far as inciting incidents go, it deserves some kudos for originality, especially this far into the franchise.

Of course, that supernatural ping also creates a gateway for the series’ repertory possessor, Toby, to start grabbing hold of the young daughter of one of the brothers. From there, well, we can pretty much guess where it goes. Yet, in this series swan song, it does appear that the curtain of invisibility has been pushed aside as we get to see some freaky occurrences in the household with our first real look at Toby as a malevolent shadow figure, rather than the usual charming depiction of "nothing." In fact, while the typical faux-vérité elements are retained, The Ghost Dimension seems like the most cinematic of the series, with traditionally constructed scenes and even impressive effects shots. Most notably, the scene when the young girl is seen in front a portal that opens in the middle of her room is probably the most un-Paranormal Activity moment we’ve ever witnessed.

The Ghost Dimension marks the directorial debut of Gregory Plotkin, a film editor who worked on all the PA sequels. While the series has always found itself divisive, seeing as they’ve taken a once-novel concept of utilizing faux-found-footage and turned it into perfunctory filmmaking, it has, nevertheless reaped tremendous box office gold. With a clearly passionate creative crew that includes original film’s director, Oren Peli, as a producer, we could be in store for a devastating denouement for this most unlikely of franchises.

The delay-plagued Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension will use outmoded video equipment to terrify moviegoers at theaters on October 23.