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After a lengthy hiatus from filmmaking, writer-director Michael Walker, who made his debut with the Jeff Daniels thriller Chasing Sleep in 2000, has returned with the biting office comedy Price Check. The film, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, stars Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius as an average family man named Pete Cozy, who once held dreams of working in the music industry, but now focuses on making the best out of his mid-level job at the offices of a Long Island supermarket chain, carefully carving out time for his wife (Annie Parisse) and son (Finn Donoghue). But Pete's track to suburban bliss is derailed once he meets his new boss Susan Felders, a foul-mouthed sparkplug played by indie mega star Parker Posey.

With an easy bravura, Susan gives Pete a major promotion, throwing his delicate balance of work and home all out of whack. But that's not all. As the two spend long hours at the office together, their relationship begins to cross the line from professional to personal to sexual. Get a look at this slippery slope of office politics and office romance in the film's first trailer, viewable below courtesy of Yahoo:

Even in this two-minute and change trailer it's clear Posey's plucky homewrecker is a force of nature. While everyone around her seems slightly subdued, she's a live wire willing to take big leaps—and even some unethical ones—to get what she desires. Few actresses could play such this kind of self-centered role while making the character likeable, but damn if Parker doesn't seem to pull off just that.

IFC Films will release Price Check this fall.

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