Patton Oswalt Reacts To To The Academy Award Nominations

On the day that the Oscars are announced, the only word more popular than "nominee" is "snub." Every year there are a group of filmmakers and actors who everyone thinks should have been nominated for their work in the previous year, but is passed over by The Academy. And this year is no different. Between Albert Brooks' work in Drive, Michael Fassbender's performance in Shame, Andy Serkis' turn in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Tilda Swinton's show in We Need To Talk About Kevin, the national conversation has been as much about who didn't get nominated as much as it has been about who has. So Patton Oswalt, who earned a bit of buzz himself thanks to his performance in Young Adult, has decided to have some fun with it.

Following the announcement of the Oscar nominees, Oswalt took to his Twitter account (if you're not already following him you really should be) to craft a scene featuring all of the snubbed artists getting together at a bar in Los Angeles called The Drawing Room. It's a short scene, but a hilarious one that ends, of course, at Legoland. (I've reordered the Tweets so that you can read it from top to bottom)

I will admit that I am disappointed with the Academy's choices this year (only one for Drive and zero for 50/50? Really?), but we should all put it in perspective. While we might like the idea of our favorite actors and filmmakers winning awards for their great work, the truth is that the awards are really just for show. You should just be happy that Hollywood is still making movies that you love and not worry about a little gold statue.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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