Remember at the beginning of the year, when Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a sign of everything that was wrong with American filmmaking and the taste of moviegoers? It was such an innocent time before Transformers 2, wasn't it? Anyway, Carr has escaped the label of "Director Most Hurting America" this year, and he's trading in that "credibility" to make us all hate him again. Yes, he's directing the Short Circuit remake. Prepare the pitchforks.

According to Variety, the remake plans to bring lovable robot Johnny 5 "into the 21st century." Yeah, I can hear you children of the 80s banging your heads into the walls from here. The article also mentions a handful of other remakes and sequels in development at Dimension, including Hellraiser and Spy Kids 4, that I did not know were in the works. Given that this is the studio making a Scream 4, though, it's definitely foolish to expect them to leave well enough alone.

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