The Phantom Menace 3D Re-Release Gets A Trailer

Apparently the 3D trailer for Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was running in front of screenings of The Three Musketeers over the weekend, which makes it just one more way that I lost by paying to see that movie--- it was nowhere to be seen at my movie theater. But, as these things tend to to, the trailer has now made its way online, though without the 3D that's theoretically the reason to see this movie again to begin with. This isn't an approved version from Lucasfilm, so it's entirely possible it will go offline soon enough, so check it out now while you still can.

Though the footage is taken entirely from the original The Phantom Menace, you can see how much work they're putting into emphasizing the 3D, and I admit it kind of worked on me. Yes, I know that The Phantom Menace is terrible, and that the only reason to convert it to 3D is just to add more money to the billions and billions Star Wars has made over the decades. But I'm a sucker for the promise of big 3D spectacle, the goofier and more ridiculous the better. And hey, it's probably been 10 years since you saw The Phantom Menace. Aren't you a little bit curious to see if it's actually as bad as you remember?

The movie comes to theaters on February 10 next year, making it just the first of the high-profile 3D re-releases coming next spring-- remember, Titanic 3D is coming in April. Does this trailer make you a little bit curious to see how The Phantom Menace holds up on the big screen? Or are you going to be a little more sensible and wait for the original three films to make their 3D appearances?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend