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It's not every day that an author gets involved directly with the affairs of a film that doesn't involve their own work whatsoever. Every now and then you'll see someone like Stephen King buy out showings of a film like 28 Days Later so he can make sure the house is packed with moviegoers who wouldn't normally seek such a film out. When an author does something like this, it's because they either believe in the message or they see something redeemable in the film's release into the open. The latter is exactly why George R.R. Martin is offering to screen The Interview at his own cinema in Santa Fe. That, and he's seven books past being fed up with how Sony abandoned the film.

On Martin's personal Live Journal page, he launched a post entitled "Corporate Cowardice." As you would come to expect from the man who created the world of Game Of Thrones, George R.R. Martin doesn't exactly take any prisoners in his tirade against the major theater companies that dropped the film, especially when he mentions that Sony could have saved themselves the trouble of canceling the film's roll out by releasing it into smaller, independent theaters that are still clamoring to be able to show the controversial film.

It's pretty damning when the man who created Joffrey Lannister, the ultimate tyrannical child who doesn't take satire with any sort of approval, is telling you that you're bowing to the wrong guy. Of course, Martin's displeasure is better experienced than told, so included below is an excerpt of "Corporate Cowardice"

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Once his blustery anger was properly vented, George R.R. Martin reminded everyone that the reason he's angry is that not only is he an artist who likes to see the works of others, both good or bad, protected; but he's also a patron of the theatrical arts that cannot stand to see such pressure successfully exerted on an already rigged system - especially by a rogue nation like North Korea. This is why he ended his ode to artistic freedom with the following challenge:

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Whether he likes the movie or not, George R.R. Martin is willing to screen The Interview in his own independent theater – simply because it's the right thing to do. Seeing an author of such prestige give his time and energy to fight for an underdog like The Interview is something that doesn't fail to astonish. He didn't need to get involved in this fight, but because Martin saw a wrong he felt he had to address, he stepped forward and fought for our right to see The Interview. If it's hard for Sony to see that they are on the wrong side of history with their decision, they might want to read "Corporate Cowardice" over again, and see what they have to say on the other side. Best of luck to you, George! Here's hoping independent cinemas across the country get the chance to follow your example.

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