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Sony’s cancelling of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview continues to be one of the most unusual stories we’ve covered this year, and the fact that no clear end seems to be in sight means that the ramifications of the studio’s decision will be felt long into 2015. In the heat of this particular moment, however, it would appear that many celebrities with ties to the film industry – and to Sony, directly – are deeply frustrated at the studio’s decision to shelve The Interview and are concerned by the dangerous precedent it sets.

Naturally, celebrities took to Twitter to voice their shock and displeasure over Sony’s ultimate decision not to release The Interview on Christmas Day. Earlier in the day on Wednesday, major theater chains began admitting that they wouldn’t carry the film as planned. Finally, Sony took the decision out of the exhibitors’ hands and just pulled the comedy’s plug. Twitter, as you might imagine, became a hotbed of passionate opinion. Judd Apatow, a longtime collaborator of Seth Rogen’s, was persistent and vocal.

Later adding:

Steve Carell, who had a film cancelled because it was supposed to be set in North Korea, Tweeted:

And from there, the conversation snowballed, with celebs of all shapes and sizes weighing in. Ben Stiller, who has his own movie hitting theaters this week, stated:

Filmmaker Michael Moore tried a joke:

While Patton Oswalt, a comedian, kept it serious:

Bill Maher took our country to task:

Albert Brooks went historical instead of hysterical:

Jimmy Kimmel responded to Apatow with concerns of his own:

Rob Lowe said what most of us were thinking:

Hell, even Newt Gingrich is pissed!

You know who hasn’t responded on social media yet? Seth Rogen, whose last Tweet was about Birdman. Like us, he probably doesn’t know what to say in the wake of this increasingly bizarre story.

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