Plastic Surgeon Gives Princess Ariel Legs And Bigger Boobs In New Ad

Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
(Image credit: Disney)

Apparently, Ariel didn’t need Ursula or Triton to survive on the land. All she needed was the address of a Venezuelan plastic surgeon. At least that’s the message to take away from a controversial Clinica Dempere ad that features the loveable redhead going under the knife to get legs and a sizeable upgrade in the boob department.

The promotional poster was first featured on Ads Of The World, but after Buzz Feed picked it up, it’s really started racing around the Internet, pissing off a good percentage of Disney fans and turning a few weirdos on. You can take a look at the art work below…

While this ad deserves a few points for creativity, it goes a little too far in the boob department. Increasing cup sizes is probably how this business makes a good percentage of its money, but few people like to see beloved Disney Princesses sexualized, least of all Disney employees.

I have no idea what the rules in Venezuela are concerning intellectual property, but you would have to imagine Disney is furious. The company has historically been very aggressive in maintaining complete control over all of its characters. Lawsuits have been filed over even the most innocuous uses; so, God only knows how executives will respond to this low-cut mess.

We’ll keep you updated. Until then, try to keep your thoughts about Ariel PG-13 rated or below, and let us know whether the advertisement is out of bounds by voting in the poll below...

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