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It looks like we're finally getting some details about all the numerous characters that make up Star Wars: Rogue One. Yesterday we got some details about the members of the team of protagonists, and today we’re getting bits and pieces of information regarding a potential new villain. Unfortunately, bits and pieces are all we’re getting.

While Making Star Wars tends to get reliable information, they also sometimes have sources that aren’t comfortable spilling all the beans. In this case, what that gives us is a general description of a character without much detail about who or what he actually is, though he sounds promising and regal. The character is apparently somebody of importance to the Empire, so, you know, he's one of the bad guys. He's an older male who is recognizable by his large white cape and "badass" weapon. His name is also "really cool," though since the name has not been revealed, we can’t judge at this time.

The source describes two shots that the character appears in, one where he moves through a body of water, the cape trailing behind him, and another where he walks through legions of assembled Stormtroopers. It sounds like the source may have had access to some of the films dailies in order to get these details, or have been on set, but who knows. The current theory is that this character, whoever he is, is likely the one being played by Ben Mendelsohn, but that’s hardly confirmed with the scattered details we have. Early reports indicated he is the film’s big bad, a Moff-like character similar to Peter Cushing’s role in the original Star Wars.

So, you can apparently add "guy with impressive white cape" to your Star Wars: Rogue One character sheet. Still, it is a fairly unique wardrobe choice and will make him stand out. Capes have been generally limited to characters like Darth Vader and General Grievous up to this point, though both of them have generally gone with darker colors. We can feel confident that if they’re an Imperial with a cape they are a character of some importance, but that’s about as far as it goes. Without any additional description, there’s almost nothing else to go on. Is the character wearing armor, or a uniform? He could be a Grand Moff or he could be a bounty hunter for all we know. The fact that we know the character is an older male tells us that we can see his face somehow.

So what are your theories? Do Moff’s wear capes? Did Grand Moff Tarkin simply refuse to wear the proper wardrobe in the first movie? Let us know your thoughts below.
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