Usually there's a solid six-month gap between Tyler Perry movies, a crucial time that gives us a break from his ever-present drag getup and spiritual homilies. But this winter was the winter of Precious, and even if Tyler Perry wasn't actually on a movie screen anywhere near you, his promotion of that movie meant that he was still everywhere, at all times.

And now here we are with Why Did I Get Married Too coming out on April 2, and yes, Tyler Perry is back again. He's front and center, actually, in the film's new poster, tied up with a bunch of other dudes in a wedding band. Their respective ladies, of course, are tied up with a diamond ring. Because marriage is a trap!

Whether it's Perry's smile reminding me somehow of Jeffrey Dahmer or Janet Jackson looking like she's made out of cardboard, everything about this poster screams "stay far, far away." Of course, no one else will do that, which is why this will be yet another giant Tyler Perry smash. I'm telling you, though, that smile is a warning sign. Beware.

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