At last! After weeks and months of teases, the full new trailer for Prometheus has come online, following its debut at Wondercon in Anaheim today. And if you thought we had seen all the good stuff from the new Ridley Scott film, just wait until you get a good look at the trailer, which contains a ton of new footage, and finally a sense of the plot that will take this team out in to the far reaches of space-- and time? Take a look below.

"Big things have small beginnings." That's just one of the intriguing lines of dialogue in this trailer, which sets up the story of the Prometheus ship traveling to investigate mysterious signs that appeared in a series of civilizations separated by centuries. It seems clearer here than ever that Noomi Rapace's character is our Ripley-esque heroine, though I'm especially intrigued by Charlize Theron, whose voice appears in narration at the beginning of the trailer, and who may very well be a bigger part of the mystery than we think. And how about that pale, humanoid alien creature we see at the very beginning of the trailer? What on earth is up with that?

This is a trailer to be pored over and wondered about, a tease for a movie we're all dying to see that still leaves plenty of mysteries intact. Watch it, watch it again, ask questions, and join us in the comments to see if we can figure out what it all means. Prometheus, now climbing very high on the "must-see" list of summer movies, is released June 8 this year.

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