Rachel McAdams And Jessica Biel Are Top Lois Lane Contenders

Rachel McAdams in Season 2 of True Detective.
(Image credit: HBO)

With the flurry of casting information about major superhero franchise in the last few weeks-- Anne Hathaway for The Dark Knight Rises, Henry Cavill as Superman-- the rumor mills will soon be getting a little quieter, or at least focusing on smaller projects. But in the meantime there's still the rest of the Superman cast to fill out, and today What's Playing is sharing some information about what they're hearing from the Lois Lane casting sessions. As always, this is a report about who may or may not be stepping into the studio for a read-through, and it's entirely possible they'll go in a different direction (Cavill was on few of the Superman shortlists that were bandied about). So with all that in mind…

Just as they were reporting back in November, What's Playing says Anne Hathaway was a top contender for the part, but she chose to go with The Dark Knight Rises instead. Now filling in the gap are the likes of Jessica Biel and Rachel McAdams-- both pegged as likely choices-- as well as Glee's Dianna Agron, Watchmen's Malin Akerman, and Kristen Stewart. They're also hearing about Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Kristen Bell being in the mix, but from third or fourth-hand sources-- though of course, you could probably count in virtually any actress in the age range, since they don't seem to be that close to making a decision.

I think Hathaway would have been even more perfect as Lois Lane than she will be as Catwoman, but they're going to replace her with anyone I vote for McAdams, who showed both comic timing and sex appeal as the love interest in Sherlock Holmes, and could easily carry the zingy rapport that Lois Lane has with Clark Kent in addition to melting when Superman lifts her off the ground. Everyone else seems somewhat off to me--Agron too young, Stewart too sulky, Akerman and Biel both lacking personality. But again, you can probably start rooting for anyone who isn't even on these shortlists and they might have a chance. Any particular actress you guys are dying to see with the part?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend